War Against Families – How do you protect Women and their Families.

In the last few years, people have attempted to argue about a war on women without consideration of the effects on family. However a larger civil rights issue is the new war on families where some politicians weaken the value of family and discriminate against working families.

Politicians need to respect the rights of children of working parents, and provide incentives to help mothers and fathers who want to raise a family.  With taxes and regulation the way they are today, the effect against families hurts the ability of parents to obtain jobs, fair wages, and fair benefits for their children. Every time you discriminate against families, you hurt both parents and the children.

With the laws the way the are today, a woman has no rights for their child. If a baby does not survive delivery, the politicians today will deny you a right to a birth certificate or funeral. Further, politicans say you cant even sue for the loss of life because your baby did not survive an accident or deliver.  In the end, the anti-women and anti-child laws only hurt families because they say that a baby that is legally ready to be born is not a human being with civil rights.