Nov 8th 2016 – Trump Resistance Movement Wins – Swamp Will Finally Drain

On Nov 8th 2016, the largest Working Family Movement in 100 years won the national election.

A combination of Democrats, Libertarians and Republicans helped Donald Trump win the majority of people in over 30 states in the USA.

With this victory, the resistance and tea party movement has finally beat the tea baggors at the ballot.

The socialist movement was defeated after Bernie and Hillary could NOT establish a message while Trump provided ideas and solutions for working mothers and working families.

The defeat of Hillary is attributed to the cheating against Bernie Sanders where Hillary’s team and the DNC were exposed for collusion.



Loss of Respect USA America – Inheritance Squandered since 2007

In the last 8 years, since Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi came to power, our global respect and inheritance has been squandered.  With a worsening economy for 6 straight years, where income is down for working families every year, there are 5 key areas where the USA has lost rank and plummeted globally.  President Obama stated this week that the USA is now the best, but the facts & data shows the USA leadership is the big loser in over 6 key areas in the last 5 years.

  1. Education of Children
  2. Business Competitiveness’ on a state and global level
  3. Crime and Justice for Victims of Rape, Child Molestation and Robbery.
  4. Religious and Political Freedoms have eroded.
  5. Risk and Debt of the Country and Individuals – The US has been downgraded
  6. Economics Servitude and Forced Labor – Taxes on the Hardest Working are up 5 years in a row.

Loss of rank:  CNBC Source:  Education: NPR


CNBC in July said that the real unemployment rate is around 12 percent. Obama and Harry Reid are Concerned about November Elections because of 6 Year Recession.

CNBC in July said that the real unemployment rate is around 12 percent.

The U-6 rate covers the unemployed, underemployed and those who are not looking but want a job.

Harry Reid and Barack Obama were elected in 2006, and since 2008, serious economic problems have loomed.

War Against Families – How do you protect Women and their Families.

In the last few years, people have attempted to argue about a war on women without consideration of the effects on family. However a larger civil rights issue is the new war on families where some politicians weaken the value of family and discriminate against working families.

Politicians need to respect the rights of children of working parents, and provide incentives to help mothers and fathers who want to raise a family.  With taxes and regulation the way they are today, the effect against families hurts the ability of parents to obtain jobs, fair wages, and fair benefits for their children. Every time you discriminate against families, you hurt both parents and the children.

With the laws the way the are today, a woman has no rights for their child. If a baby does not survive delivery, the politicians today will deny you a right to a birth certificate or funeral. Further, politicans say you cant even sue for the loss of life because your baby did not survive an accident or deliver.  In the end, the anti-women and anti-child laws only hurt families because they say that a baby that is legally ready to be born is not a human being with civil rights.




The Lost Decade – A Failure of Economics and Fiscal Policy

In todays Financial Times Aug 21st 2014, Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz implied that this is the Lost Decade due to a failure of economic policies.  Others refer to the last 7 years as the lost Generation.

In the USA, 101.77 million working age Americans who don’t work as they are jobless according to data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

In the United States, according to the Census Bureau, there were 115,013,000 households. With 23,052,388 households – or 20 percent of the total number of households –now dependent on food stamps.

English: Orlando, FL, October 1, 2004 -- Peopl...

English: Orlando, FL, October 1, 2004 — People apply for Disaster food stamps at the Orange County Convention Center. FEMA Photo: Michael Rieger (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Welcome to the Leader of the Opposition Movement

The Leader of the Opposition is a Movement that focuses on solutions and technology to make the lives of working families better around the world.

As contributors who pay huge fees in the form of taxes to cities, states and federal governments, the Leader of the Opposition is The  GPTL Global Philosophical Thought Leader in the area of political reform and civil rights for working families.


What is the Leader of the Opposition?

Leader of the Opposition

The Leader of the Opposition is a title traditionally held by the leader of the largest party not in government in a Westminster System of parliamentary government. The Leader of the Opposition is seen as the alternative  Prime Minister, Premier or Chief Minister to the incumbent and heads a rival alternative government known as the Shadow Cabinet or Opposition Front Bench.

In many Commonwealth realms the full title is Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition.

Specific instances

Most Distinguished Leader of the Year for Mino...

Most Distinguished Leader of the Year for Minority Business Award (Photo credit: MDGovpics)